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A man full of confidence - Jonas Kaufmann
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There are no opera houses which don't want to make a contract with Jonas Kaufmann. He successively sang role debuts of leading roles at major opera houses. He had a great success for each, and created sensations. "When I believe that the role suits to me, I don't worry about doing my role debut at a major opera house. The MET, Milano, London, Paris, etc, each major opera house wants to make a contract with me in each season, so actually I don't have time to try out new roles at small opera houses."

This year he will appear on many stages in Japan. MET's "Don Carlo", Bologna's "Carmen", and Bavarian State Opera's "Lohengrin".

"Don Jose is a very challenging role for a singer. He makes an effort to be a good man, but finally becomes a murderer. He is changing in the story. When he meets Carmen he finds an emotion which he has never known before. He knows that this is bad, but he can't resist. This conflict is terrible. The same may be said about Don Carlo. A woman with whom he was engaged marries his father the King. He is suffering from this conflict... The last duet with the soprano is filled with unearthly brilliant music. Not only beautiful..."

He is not too ambitious. Maybe because of his confidence

"building his career steadily"
"The career must be handled like building a house. First of all, the foundation.... You must not start to build the roof too soon. I will chose my roles well-balanced, not only heavy German roles like Wagner. And I want to progress step by step..."

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