The Star, Canada, 13 October 2009
John Terauds
Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Wagner: Jonas Kaufmann
Jonas Kaufmann, the German tenor with the timbre of a baritone, has the operatic world aquiver as he turns 40. Barring any disasters, it's easy to predict that he will soon emerge as the heroic tenor of the early 21st century. His "In fernem Land," from Wagner's Lohengrin is spectacularly smooth and assured. "Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond," from Die Walküre is breathtaking. There are two tracks from Parsifal to round out the Wagner portion of this excellent disc, which finds him accompanied by the Mahler Chamber Orchestra under conducting master Claudio Abbado. But I was turned off by hearing Mozart sung the same as Wagner. What is necessary gravitas in the latter is overkill in The Magic Flute. Two little-known arias by Schubert and "Gott! welch Dunkel hier!" from Beethoven's Fidelio are also steamrollered. If you like all-hero-all-the-time, you'll love this CD.

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