The Irish Times, 19. Juni 2009
Madama Butterfly
Butterfly is a heavy and demanding part, as she is on stage for virtually the duration of the opera, yet it is such an iconic role that many famous singers, including Maria Callas, have made deeply felt recordings of the role even though they have never sung it in live performance. This is the case with Angela Gheorghiu, who has not yet sung the role on stage. Upon listening here, however, reservations that the role might be too much for her delicate instrument are banished as she gives a finely spun performance with beautiful tone while conveying the nobility and fragility of the heroine. Jonas Kaufmann's dark-hued tenor voice makes for a believable Pinkerton, while Pappano gives a loving and expansive reading of the sensuous score. This must be the best recorded assumption of this role in recent times.

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